There is an (in)famous error message in DWR which usually troubles newcomers. When you do a remote call, you get:

ERROR [DefaultConverterManager] No converter found for 'java.lang.Class'

It basically tells you that you have some member of type Class in the return type of your remote method, or in one of his child members’ fields.
It’s up to the author of that class to convert that field or not. But if you do not intend to convert Class field, and you’re sure that none of your parameter types or return values do contain a Class field, check for a enum in one of these. Having an enum raises (naturally) the same exception, and it’s easily overlooked. If so just add an enum converter and it’s done:

<convert converter="enum" match="your.full.package.EnumName"/>

PS: I assume this is also valid not just for return types but also parameters which tries to set a class name from javascript

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