All web developers/designers need to use some tools (I am talking about non-application tools) to make their life easier. Most of these tools are quite famous and they generally depend on Firefox’s add-on system. (e.g. Firebug, Web Developer).

However, there is one other tool that I use quite often and very happy to have. So I decided that it deserves a mention in this blog. It is a javascript bookmarklet called Design by Allan Jardine.

Design features the following components:

  • Grid – overlays a highly configurable layout grid over a web-page. Grid can be set to match any set of dimensions, allowing easy development of CSS layouts in the web-browser.
  • Rule – displays rulers on a page, with all the expected features of the rulers found in a desktop design application, including guides which snap to block display elements and origin location control.
  • Unit – allows measurements to be made between any two points on a web-page, giving basic information about each of the points clicked on, and drawing a line on the page for the measurement.
  • Crosshair – draws a crosshair cursor on the page to assist in layout alignment. Cursor information is also presented in a tooltip.
  1. Just awesome

  2. How could I missed such a tool… Really useful…

    I was using Firefox add-on “MeasureIt”, but this one is more advanced…