Content Profile is highly useful if you want to extend the default profile module with e.g. Content Construction Kit (CCK). While implementing I ran into a small problem. When I search for a username the results were directing me to the profile node but not the account page that I had created with Panels. Here are two simple solutions.

The first one uses the rules but might be a little less effective than the second as the rule is called whenever any users would request any node. This might make you loose 50ms per view. The second one might scare non-coders but is really easy to do actually.

1. via Rules:
import and use this rule and tweak it as you like.

2. via node-uprofile.tpl.php, source Michelle:

// We don't ever want to go to the nodeprofile itself.
// Always redirect to the user page.
if (arg(0) == "node") {
drupal_goto("user/$node->uid", NULL, NULL, 301);
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